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Компания ПромСтрой - металлообработка и изготовление деталей на высокоточных станках ЧПУ по выгодным ценам
Изготовление любых деталей по чертежам заказчикаПодробнее
Металлообработка от 500 руб. за изделиеПодробнее
Токарно-фрезерная обработка по металлу от 15000 руб.Подробнее


Time does not stand still! To replace the pre-war milling “monster”, living out his days in the workshops of the engineering giants of the past, come new modern centers are high-precision milling of metal.

As a consequence:

Increased performance

increased product quality,

increased competitiveness,

increased revenues.

It is not our words, these are the words our customers!

The main recipe for the manufacture of parts of any complexity consists of two factors:

1. Competent Technical Task Of The Customer;

2. The use By high-precision CNC milling machines.

In our company the first point is performed by collaboration of Your and our engineers and technologists. For this purpose, on production there are 3D printer, 3D scanner and coordinate measuring machine. Careful study of technical specifications is 50% of success.

The remaining 50% provided machinery 5-coordinate vertical milling machining centers manufactured by Matsuura, Japan.

Work with Customers in our company held by the following algorithm:

joint development of Customer and Technical specifications;
purchase the required amount of material;
development of 3D-models of future parts;
programming milling centers;
directly to the milling work on metal structures;
the signing of the act of performed works;
Of these factors, the total time required for the making of the Order and as a consequence the cost of the work. We work individually with each Customer, so our customers know exactly how much and what they pay.

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