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Компания ПромСтрой - металлообработка и изготовление деталей на высокоточных станках ЧПУ по выгодным ценам
Изготовление любых деталей по чертежам заказчикаПодробнее
Металлообработка от 500 руб. за изделиеПодробнее
Токарно-фрезерная обработка по металлу от 15000 руб.Подробнее

Manufacture of parts


Company  PROMSTROY,  provides services for the production of metal parts, according to customer's drawings using precision 5-axis milling centres Matsuura (Japan).

We provide services for manufacturing of parts of any complexity, with the use of milling machines for all types of structural metals: iron, steel, including stainless, brass, bronze, aluminum, titanium alloys, powder alloys and super-alloys. Also, working with hard materials: hardened steel, hard alloys, tool steel.

The main characteristics of the processed metal parts:

Max. blank size – Ø700 x H700 mm
Max. workpiece weight – 700 kg
Production Department, OOO "PROMSTROY" is Moscow, orders are accepted across Russia.

The cost of milling operations for metal depends on the complexity and number of parts. Moreover, the more the total number of parts, the less cost per unit.

The calculation of the cost in the milling of metal on CNC machines is done after reviewing the dimensional drawings of the Customer, made in any of the engineering programs such as SolidWorks, ADEM etc.


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